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Creative Bridesmaid Gift
Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts
Selecting your bridesmaids and maid of honor (matron of honor) is one of the most exciting decisions you’ll make in planning your ideal wedding day, (after finding your perfect wedding dress)!   The lucky ladies chosen to stand alongside you and share in your magical moment – whether siblings, childhood friends, college roommates or co-workers – will be called upon to assist in multiple wedding day preparations, to provide emotional support, and to help celebrate the bride with bridal showers and her bachelorette party

Thank your bridesmaids for their friendship and devotion with specially chosen bridesmaids giftsBridesmaid gifts should be useful before, during, or after the wedding day (maybe all three!), heartfelt, and appropriate to the occasion.  So although you may want to take them to play bingo or go clubbing with them, it may not be right for that moment.  Monogrammed totes are unique bridesmaid gifts – they’re personalized, useful, and will always remind her of the important role she played on your special day.  When searching for the perfect bridesmaid gift idea, you may consider a creative bridesmaid gift vs. a very traditional bridesmaid gift – and there are many innovative ways to make the most of inexpensive bridesmaid gifts on a tight budget.  Bridesmaids gifts are traditionally presented at your rehearsal dinner, but there’s no reason to limit yourself by tradition! An elegant luncheon or an afternoon tea is a nice setting to present your ladies with their bridesmaid gifts (and an opportune time to finish your wedding favors while everyone’s gathered in one place!) 

Bridesmaid Duties

The bridesmaids may be asked to assist with certain aspects of the wedding planning stages. See a list of typical bridesmaid duties so you are aware of the protocol involved with the organization of your own wedding.

Things to Consider

When choosing your bridesmaids and maid of honor, it’s important to choose girls who are dependable and supportive because you may rely on them often in the months ahead. It’s also important to consider their time commitments and financial limitations when planning ‘work days’ or choosing bridesmaid dresses and accessories. While it’s truly an honor to be chosen for bridesmaid duty, your friends may have limited time and money – so extra consideration goes a long way in creating an enjoyable experience (which may be a bridesmaid gift in and of itself!)

Think Outside the Box

The bridesmaid role doesn’t have to be limited by age and gender anymore.  Young ladies who are close to the bride and groom but are too old to act as flower girls can participate as Junior Bridesmaids. Designating an Honor Attendant is an innovative solution for a bride who wishes to include a man in her bridal party or for a groom who wants to include a woman with his groomsmen.

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