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Frequently Asked Questions

Bridesmaids Gifts

What is a Bridesmaid?
When a bride is planning her wedding, she selects a group of her closest female friends to assist with certain aspects of the wedding planning and wedding day activities, in addition to standing alongside her as she says her vows. One lucky lady will be chosen as the maid of honor and the other ladies are called bridesmaids. Customarily, there is a one-to-one ratio between the number of groomsmen and the number of bridesmaids in the bridal party, but not always. You may also include young girls in your bridal party as junior bridesmaids or flower girls, and men close to the bride may be honor attendants.

What is the Difference Between the Maid of Honor and the Bridesmaid?
The maid of honor (or matron of honor) is part of the bridesmaids just as the best man is part of the groomsmen. However, the maid of honor is usually a closer relation to the bride (such as a sister or best friend) and has a higher honor and greater responsibilities than do the other bridesmaids (such as signing the marriage certificate and toasting the happy couple at the reception). 

Why are Bridesmaids Needed?
The bridal party may be called upon to help with a number of tasks before and during the wedding day, but their greatest role is to come together to celebrate the bride. Key bridesmaid duties include planning the bachelorette party and bridal shower, choosing bridesmaid dresses, participating in “task days” to assemble party favors and invitations, and to offer overall support.

Should Bridesmaid Gifts be Given?
The bride gives bridesmaid gifts to thank her bridesmaids and maid of honor for sharing in the wedding day. The bridesmaid gifts often are delivered during the rehearsal dinner or other event prior to the day of the ceremony.

What Type of Bridesmaid Gifts Should be Given?
When choosing a bridesmaid gift, brides should select wedding gifts that are unique, useful and appropriate for the occasion. Popular bridesmaid gift ideas include fine bridesmaid jewelry, personalized travel bags or a spa gift certificate.

How Much Money Should Be Spent on Each Bridesmaid Gift?
Each bridesmaid gift should cost between $25 and $75.  Of course, it’s best to base the price of each bridesmaid gift on the type of wedding you’re planning (extravagant vs. simple).  A smaller bridesmaid gift is appropriate if you’re also contributing money towards the cost of each bridesmaid dress, however a much nicer bridesmaid gift could otherwise be expected.

Where Do I Buy Bridesmaid Gifts?
Internet sites and specialty stores offer the widest selection of unique bridesmaid gifts that may be personalized or custom made to your specifications.  You can also choose to make your own bridesmaid gifts (handmade bridesmaid jewelry) or to put together your own bridesmaid gift bags (such as a beach bag with towels, designer sunglasses, and fun flip-flops!).  With bridesmaid gifts, the possibilities are endless!

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