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Junior Bridesmaid

Personalized Junior Bridesmaids Gift Ideas

The role of a junior bridesmaid (typically between the ages of 9 and 14) is the perfect way to include a young lady who’s somewhere in sophistication between ‘flower girl’ and ‘bridesmaid’.  Her degree of involvement may vary, but she will undoubtedly show great enthusiasm in playing her part (and in choosing her beautiful junior bridesmaid dress!).

The junior bridesmaid should be included in as much of the wedding planning process as possible and should receive a wedding gift just as the other members of the wedding party receive bridesmaid gifts and groomsmen gifts.  A thoughtful junior bridesmaid gift symbolic of her role in your wedding will be treasured for years to come.

Accessories are a young ladies' best friend and make wonderful junior bridesmaid gifts that can be enjoyed on the wedding day and ever after. Bejeweled hair clips or bridesmaid jewelry matching her junior bridesmaid dress will make her feel like a true princess – and will dazzle at school dances in years to come! An age-appropriate beauty bag will make your junior bridesmaid feel all grown up, with scented lip gloss, glittering nail polish and shimmering body lotion. 

Consider her interests and favorite pastimes for personalized junior bridesmaids gift ideas. Inspire your crafty junior bridesmaid with a professional set of paints and an art class, or take her to the orchestra if she’s inclined towards the violin. If you know she adores tulips, then present her with a bouquet to make her day memorable. Monogrammed pajamas will make a splash at sleep over parties and a personalized athletic bag will be a hit on the ball field!

A junior bridesmaid will always remember the precious part she played in your special day – give her a timeless keepsake by which to remember your wedding day.  Delicate diamond or pearl earrings are beautiful junior bridesmaid gifts that will add an air of sophistication to her already elegant junior bridesmaid dress.  A collectable series of books, baseball cards or miniature dolls is something that will stay with her forever as a memento of her junior bridesmaid debut!

Junior Bridesmaid Duties
In addition to accompanying the wedding party down the aisle, the junior bridesmaid may participate in the planning process and assist with the wedding day tasks.

● Select a junior bridesmaid dress that’s similar in style and shade to the other bridesmaid dresses
● Help assemble wedding favors and gift bags
● Gift wrap bridesmaid gifts and groomsmen gifts
● Hand stitch a small pillow for the ring bearer to carry the wedding bands

Wedding Day
● Distribute programs, flower petals, or bubbles
● Assist the ushers with seating guests
● Join the procession and the receiving line
● Present the bride and groom with a personal gift, thanking them for inviting you to share in their special day

Flower Girls
Junior Bridesmaids DressesFew can resist the sight of an angelic little girl topped with flowers in her hair walking gingerly down the aisle with an equally adorable ring bearer!  Flower girls are a sweet addition to any procession if there are young girls (between the ages of 3 and 8) that you wish to include in the wedding party.  Their key responsibilities are to look cute and to walk down the aisle scattering rose petals – but remember this may sound easier than it is.  There are a few key points to keep in mind for the most enjoyable flower girl experience:

● Take the time to explain her role in the wedding and to practice together, it will be a memorable experience that will pay off in the end!
● Determine who will pay for the flower girl dress and flower girl shoes
● Include her in all age-appropriate pre-wedding parties

Wedding Day
● Place her parents near the front row to encourage her through the procession
● Give her a flower girl gift to signify the importance of her contribution to your special day.  Flower girls gift ideas include a nameplate necklace, a monogrammed backpack, or flower girl jewelry that she can wear during and after the wedding day.

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