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Maid Of Honor Speech

Matron Of Honor Wedding Speech & Toasts

Traditionally, wedding customs expect the best man to deliver the sole toast that celebrates the bride and groom – but customs quickly fall by the wayside to keep up with new generations!

Today a number of people, including the maid of honor (matron of honor), bridesmaids, and the new in-laws, are taking the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings about the newlyweds.

A toast to address the happy couple and guests by someone other than the best man is becoming the newest wedding reception trend!

While toasts are a wonderful time to celebrate the newly married, it also represents a golden opportunity for the bride and groom to acknowledge their guests and to present the wedding party with their bridesmaids gifts and groomsmen gifts.  A bridesmaid gift has more significance when presented with a gracious speech shared in front of everyone. Bridesmaid gifts may find inspiration from the toast and other reception customs.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas
Crystal champagne flutes are beautiful mementos from the champagne toast and make elegant bridesmaid gifts; a CD of songs played throughout the reception is a creative bridesmaid gift that will evoke memories of the first dance. Bridesmaids gifts that are reminiscent of the beauty of your wedding day will be treasured forever.

Speechs with Style
Today the maid of honor shares toasting privileges with the best man – typically proceeding the best man’s speech (ladies first!). Help her out with some tried and true tips to speech success!

● Consider your audience and design a speech that appeals to each guest (keep the personal references to a minimum!)
● A speech should be brief, ideally no longer than one minute in length
● Determine if you’re going for laughs, emotion …or both?
● Refrain from discussing embarrassing moments or past relationships
● Decide if you’d like to memorize your speech (a small note card with key points will jog your memory if you get lost)
● Find books with toasting tips and styles – a traditional toast from the bride and groom's cultural background is especially touching
● Break the writer’s block with a brainstorming session with the help of mutual friends
● Remember to keep it clean and classy

Speaking in front of a large group may seem like a daunting task, but a little research and preparation goes a long way in giving a speech that everyone will appreciate! Write your speech days ahead of time and practice with an audience – the more comfortable you are means the more confident and relaxed you will be.

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